Pravidlá a podmienky

Naposledy aktualizované 02.06.2020. Organizátor si vyhradzuje právo zmien týchto Podmienok. Ak nesúhlasíš s týmito podmienkami nemôžeš sa registrovať na podujatie.

General terms and conditions of the competition

Definition of basic terms

  • Event: KarpatyRun
  • Dates: Sunday 20.9.2020, Kačín, Bratislava between 8.30 and 15.30
  • Participant: A person registered for the race, with a payment fee that agrees to these Terms and Conditions
  • Organizer Hojta O.Z., Organizer / Production: Antbase s.r.o.


  • The event aims to promote health, active sport, nature conservation in the Little Carpathians and promote an ecological approach to life.       

Terms and Rules of the Run

  • All racers start at their own risk.
  • The racer must withdraw from the race at the behest of the health service present at the event.
  • Accompanying on a trail track by a cyclist is not allowed.
  • Racers must follow the instructions of referees, track commissioners and promoters throughout the track.

Nature Conservation

  • The participant in the event is obliged to comply with the legislation of the Slovak Republic, namely Act No. 543/2002 on the protection of nature and landscape and to behave with respect and respectfulness of nature, must not throw   rubbish outside the refresher stations.

Registration for the race

  • In order to be eligible to participate in the Event, you must take the following steps: (1) complete the registration process, (2) read these terms and conditions and, by signing on the relevant document, you will agree to them, (3) confirm your eligibility to participate   in the run (4) complete the presentation.
  • True information about the participant – the applicant must be provided at the time of registration. The participant is obliged to check his registered data and may make adjustments to the organizer of the specified date. Upon online check-in, the participant will receive the ticket’s e-mail address – which is a confirmation of its registration, which he is obliged to keep in electronic or print form until the day of the Event.
  • Online registration, payment of the start fee and the signature of the participant on the registration ticket shall be deemed to be the written consent of the participant for the race.
  • Persons   under the age of 18 are required to register to provide written consent of the parent with the participation of the juvenile in the pre-season. Here

  • We recommend that competitors undergo a medical examination.
  • The Participant may transfer registration to another person only on condition that the participant fulfils all the Terms of Participation and agrees to the Race Rules. It can only be transferd to another person before the end date of the online registration.
  • For inclusion in the age group, the achievement of a set age in this year, regardless of the day and month of birth, is crucial. Age categories are used to compare the results of the runner against the results achieved by the other competitors in a given age category. Ages 15-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+

Starting and not entom taking part in the event

  • The organizer defines annually the extent of the performance it will provide to event participants who pay the starting fee.
  • Starting   covers: Starting number with chip, snacks on the track and in the finish, the possibility to keep your belongings, health service, medals.
  • The organizer does not return the paid starting point.
  • The transfer of the starting fee to another person can only be carried out within the
  • A participant who does not appear on the Race is not entitled to a refund of the starting fee or other related payments.
  • The starting date cannot be moved to the next year after the deadline


  • The participant is required to provide health insurance. The organizer does not accept responsibility for damage to property or health related to participation in the event. Each participant takes off on his/her own responsibility and is fully responsible for his/her health at the event.

Award-Winning Categories – Stage Location

  • The absolute order represents the achieved order of the racer against the entire starting line of the racers in no difference of age. Competitors in the team relay competition will not be valued among individuals. The age category location is not appreciated.
The health of the participant and the exclusion of liability

Declaration of Health status and Disclaimer

  • As a participant in the event, by signing my signature on the registration form I received at the online registration and entitling me to participate in the event, I declare that all my information is true and that I agree with these terms of reference.
  • Each participant signing up for the race declares that they have completed a medical examination with the   result of the tour   “able to complete the race”.
  • I declare that I am not known to be in a condition of my health to prevent me from attending this event.
  • I assume all risks arising from attending this event, is fully responsible for any injury or accident, and will not bring actions or damages against the organisers and third parties.
  • I acknowledge and agree that the organizer and third parties are not responsible for any damages caused to the health, property and affairs of the participants in the race.
  • I am aware that he is obliged to ensure his safety and not to jeopardise the safety of the other participants in the course of the course of the course.
  • The Participant acknowledges that in any breach of the conditions of the competition, security and organisational instructions, it shall be excluded from the competition without reimbursement of entry and other expenses.
  • The participant is obliged to provide for individual health insurance.
  • In case of suspicion of COVID 19, I will not attend the event so as not to endanger other competitors. 


In line with the environment

Since the race is in nature it is necessary to remember its protection 

  • Your energy gel waste, pet bottles and discards only at refresh stations, a zone will be set aside for this. Don’t throw trash in the woods.
  • We use compostable cups
  • If you want to go eco, come on your bike, you’ll keep it in a technical background.
Racer Code of Ethics
  • If you do not complete the track, you will notify the organiser of the time of the course as soon as possible
  • When you overtake a faster racer, you won’t block it
  • When overtaking a slower runner in the narrow parts of the track, you’ll be vocally alerted to his intention to overtake him from the “overtaking from the left”, overtaking the “right”
  • If you find an injured racer on the track, you will ask him if he needs any help and possibly notify the nearest organiser
Rights and obligations of the event organiser
  • Organizer: Hojta, o.z., Cesta na Klanec 44/a, 841 03 Bratislava, IČO: 52017320
  • Production: ANTBASE, s.r.o., Celtic 18, 900 31 STUPAVA, Registration Number: 35865202 TIN: 2021742184, VAT SK2021742184
  • Tel: 0905 599 435,
  • The Organizer reserves the right to determine the minimum and maximum number of Participants, which will be announced online in a timely manner. In the event that a minimum number of Participants is not reached one week before the end of the online registration period, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel the respective races (or the entire Event), to publish such cancellations on the page and to inform the Participants by e-mail. In such cases, the Participants will receive a refund of the part or 100 % of the starting fee they have paid.
  • The organizer has the right not to accept the application and not to allow the start of the Event, even if the start-up is paid if: The Participant has stated in the application incomplete, inaccurate or deceptive information., the Participant has not submitted a signed declaration of consent to the terms of the race or the Certificate of Registration
  • If, in the opinion of the Organizer, the Event is threatened by any event outside the control of the Promoter – bad weather, prohibitions, the Promoter reserves the right to change, close or cancel the event without liability for any amount or other form of loss or damage that may occur to you or any third party.
  • In the event of cancellation of a race, the race organiser reserves the right to move the paid start-up to another date or to refund all or part of the start fee to the participants
  • The Organizer reserves the right to change these Rules from time to time.
  • The organiser may change the track and track parameters before the race start and the track parameters must inform the registered competitors in advance.
  • In case of low participation, the organizer may cancel the race.
  • In case of cancellation of the COVID 19 race, the entire starting


  • The Organizer processes the participants’ personal data in accordance with Law No. 122/2013 Z.z. on the protection of personal data.

Purpose of use of personal data

  • The organiser obtains the following personal data of the participant for registration, evaluation, publication of results:   first name, surname, gender, e-mail contact, telephone contact, emergency contact
  • The organizer obtains the following personal information of the buyer for the purpose of delivery of the ordered goods via e-shop:   first name, surname, billing address, delivery address, email, telephone
  • The organizer obtains an email to send information e-mails where we inform about important changes related to the event, other         sporting events, dates and the like, where we receive an   email address
  • The organiser obtains photos and video documentation from the event and publishes them via social networks to provide digital memories for race participants

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

  • The Organizer does not provide personal data of the Buyer to third parties outside of these cases
  • For the purpose of delivery of purchased goods in the e-shop, the organizer provides the name, address of the shipping company
  • For the purpose of securing time-line services, start-up documents and results, the organiser shall provide the registration details of the competitor of the contracted company implementing the time-timer service

Consent of the participant

  • The event participant or buyer agrees   to provide and process his/her personal data in the   Organizer’s information system for a defined purpose
  • The Participant agrees   to provide and process his or her personal data in the   Organizer’s Newsletter Information System,
  • The Participant agrees that his photographs, film footage, audio recordings, interviews and other forms of recording related to his participation in the Event are available to the Organizer and may be archived, shared and published publicly in all forms and also through third parties. No financial, material or other claim shall arise for the Participant in the event of such publication.   Consent is granted for an indefinite period and can be revoked at any time by sending a request to our email address.
  • By providing data for antbase’s newsletter system. r. o. You agree mainly to send information emails in the form of a newsletter, where we inform you of   important changes related to the event, other events, dates and so on.
  • If you wish to be logged out of the above information system, please write a request and send it to us by email to our email address. The application must contain identification information: first and last name, e-mail address included in that information system


  • Personal data are processed by automated means of processing by computer technology in the form of electronic records, which are protected by security standards and regulations
  • The Organiser warrants that he will ensure the use of personal data for the period necessary to achieve the purposes of the processing and removes those personal data whose purpose of the processing has ended